Programmer system for bells and tower clocks automation with LED display, that allows to control up to 88 bells and or other electrical devices like tower clocks, lighting systems, heating systems, etc.


PCT-R is available in rack version, with internal relays (4, 8, 12 16, 24 or 32 outputs) or external relays to control up to 88 outputs (TX Progres System).

Technical description

Easy to use

PCT-R allows the simple and direct control 7 keys to start preset melodies.

Easy to set up

PCT-R is also programmable from PC using RS232 serial port.

It is possible to directly compose and memorize all types of sounds, simple or complex, with swinging and pealing bells by device’s buttons or connecting a midi keyboard.

PCT-R can store up to 1.000 melodies and peals.

In absence of power supply PCE can mantain date and time for over 30 days and programming settings for over a year.

Programmable liturgical calendar

With PCE it is possible to program and differentiate the various periods of the year (summer, winter, etc.), to program fixed holidays (Christmas, Immaculate, Assumption, etc.) and variables (Easter, first Friday of the month, etc.).

Changing to daylight saving time is automatic, and it is possible to synchronize the time automatically with DCF77 or GPS signals.

Tower clocks functionality

  • Time-striker in 19 different modes;
  • Control and automatic adjusting of tower clock’s hands with time recovering after a blackout.


PCE is available in rack format.

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 480 x 180 x 131 (including removable rack side flanges) – weight 4 Kg.

Optional accessories

Technical support

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