MAS is the magnetic axial synchronous motor with electronic controls designed and realized by Seles for the movement of bells.

The particular structure and the and the used expedients make it possible to realize a motor in which small size, low power consumption, and long-term reliability are primary features.

The MAS system consists of of a stator, a rotor and an electronic control eliminating the use of wheels, pinions and chains.

The stator is fixed to the structure that supports the bell, the rotor is fixed to the yoke with supports and follows the movement of the bell. The electronic control generates a sequence of magnetic fields in the stator which synchronously perform the magnetic drive of the rotor.

All the advantages of MAS system

  • Very easy installation;
  • Low power consumption that does not require increasing the electrical power involved;
  • Noiseless: movement noise is drastically reduced;
  • 230 Vac single-phase power supply;
  • Galvanic isolation from mains voltage, provides greater immunity to electrical noise;
  • MAS does not generate electromagnetic disturbances to the Church amplification system;
  • Easy adjustment for swing angle, starting force and possible braking force.

Currently these versions are in production:

  • MAS 50 with force of 50 N (for bells from 10 to 70 Kg)
  • MAS 90 with force of 90 N (for bells from 50 to 130 Kg)
  • MAS 250 with force of 250 N (for bells from 100 to 300 Kg)
  • MAS 320 with force of 320 N (for bells from 200 to 420 Kg)

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