SUONO is a digital bell system that allows to play faithfully swinging and pealing bells sound with 50 different bell tones keeping all the charm of the traditional sound.

SUONO can control up to 4 internal relays outputs for tower clocks or true bells.

SUONO combines the simplification of user interface with a further improvement in sound fidelity, a high storing capacity for melodies and new functions for faster and safer system management.

Technical description

Easy to use

The multilingual LCD display makes the user interface simple and intuitive.

It is possible to program in depth SUONO via the keyboard, but it also possible to start 4 preset sounds and to block the execution of 4 programmed sounds.

It is also possible to control the device by optional remote controls or by telephone.


Easy to set up

SUONO is also programmable from PC using RS232 serial port or via internet or LAN with optional Multicom device.

It is possible to directly compose and memorize all types of sounds, simple or complex, with swinging and pealing bells by device’s buttons or connecting a midi keyboard.

SUONO allows saving data on SD-card, memory card or on internal eprom, to store up to 1.000 melodies and peals.

In absence of power supply SUONO can mantain date and time for over 30 days and programming settings for over a year.

High sound quality

SUONO provides high definition sound to reproduce faithfully all the charm of the traditional sound. It allows to play 50 different bell tones, swings or peals, respecting traditions of each territory.

Are available an integrated amplifier version (150W or 200W) or the basic version without amplifier, that can be connected to an external amplifier.

The product allows a thorough personalization, which allows you to adjust the volume evanescence (both general and for single bell), to reduce the volume in the rest hours, to transpose notes, to vary the execution speed for single melody or to manually control the output volume and electronic bass and treble control.
There is an auxiliary input to amplify signals from recorders, compact, mixer outputs (MP3 players, turntables, microphones).

Large selection of pre-set and customizable melodies

SUONO integrates a selection of over 100 traditional melodies allows to compose and store on-site all sorts of played with swings and/or peals, either with the keys or with the optional midi keyboard.

Up to 4 digital outputs to control traditional bells, tower clocks or other electrical devices

SUONO can control up to 4 relays outputs for traditional bells, tower clocks or other electrical devices like tower clocks, lighting systems, heating systems, etc.

Integrated liturgical calendar

With SUONO you can set the different liturgical periods of the year. Automatic and integrated Easter calculation and sunrise and sunset times to facilitate scheduling.

The change in daylight saving time is automatic, and it is possible to synchronize the time automatically with DCF77, GPS or internet signals.

Tower clocks functionality

  • Time-striker in 19 different modes;
  • Control and automatic adjusting of tower clock’s hands with time recovering after a blackout;
  • Possibility of controlling DC driven clocks.

Format and dimensions

SUONO is available in flat format for wall mounting.

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 360 x 305 x 80

Weight 6,3 kg.

Optional accessories

Technical support

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