Rax is a digital bell system, controllable through a programmer to reproduce the time stroking in tower clocks without bells.
Rax has 8 external inputs that – connected to a programmer – system allows to to play faithfully 8 swinging and/or pealing bells sound.

Simplicity and savings

RAX provides 8 different external inputs that allows to a bell and tower clock programmer system to play 8 different bells.
Are available an integrated amplifier version (150W, o 200W) or the basic version without amplifier, that can be connected to an external amplifier.
The use of RAX is ideal combined with a programmer systm that, in the case of tower clocks, can be the small PLC, or the more complete Astro Touch Screen, Astro PCE, PCE or PCT.

RAX allows to:

  • Play time-striker in tower clocks without bells;
  • Make small economical systems;
  • Integrate real bell systems, to increase the number of bells available.

RAX is available on flat format for wall mounting.

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 310 x 180 x 80.

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