Remote control devices for programmers and bell sound players, radio controls, remote controls, GSM modules and internet connection modules.

GSM module

GSM module to control remotely bell programmer and digital bell systems from any telephone through the GSM system.

The module, located near the programmer/digital bell system, consists of a command decoder containing the GSM SIM and a power supply.

With GSM module it is possible to control any melody or program from anywhere in the world.

Radio 100, 1.000 10.000

Radio controls to remotely start any melodies stored in the devices.

  • 100 chanels for PCTR e CET
  • 1000 chanels for PCER, PCE FLAT, SCE, SUONO
  • 10.000 chanels for ASTRO-PCE, ASTRO-SCE e ASTRO TOUCH SCREEN


Radio C4

4-channel radio remote control for remote control of 4 preset melodies in the direct section of the programmer/digital bell system.

Multicom – Internet module for remote control

Multicom is a internet module to remote control programmer and digital bell systems.

Connected to Astro Touch Screen and Astro PCE programmer systems and to Astro SCE and Suono digital bell systems, it is possible to control them via smartphone or personal computer.

Main functions

  • Remote control of devices via smartphone or PC;
  • Import and export of schedules;
  • Device time synchronization with internet time.