Circular or horn high quality loudspeakers for outdoor use.

DA301 – Circular loudspeaker for bells

DA301 is a 360° loudspeaker, reproducing with very high fidelity and without noises bells sound by CET, CETR and SCE reproducers.

It is supplied with a metallic cylinder of 60 cm of heigth which permits to fix it with a metallic flange by 4 8MA screws.

Dati tecnici

Power 240W
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Dimensions 94 x 100 cm
Weight 18 kg
Acoustic pressure 104-118 dbA (con 1w/1m)
Frequency 100 ÷ 7000 Hz

DAT – horn loudspeaker for bells

DAT is a standard trumpet loudspeaker, with 40 cm diameter and power of 60W or of 100W.

Dati tecnici

Power 60W o 100W
Impedance 16Ohm
Dimensions 40cm
3 kg