Accessories for bell programmer systems and digital bell systems.


Circular or horn high quality loudspeakers for outdoor use.

Remote control devices

Remote control devices for programmers and bell sound players, radio controls, remote controls, GSM modules and internet connection modules.

Midi keyboards

2 or 4 octave Midi keyboards to compose and play melodies and music boxes on programmers and bell sound players.

Time synchronization devices

DCF77 or GPS time signals receivers to synchronize time of programmers and reproducer.

Electronic driver for DC-Hammer

DC driver directly controls a hammer in direct current using the 230Vac.

Relay actuators

Optional relay actuators for the control of bells and clocks on programmer or reproducers.

Overvoltage protection

Surge protection device that protects electronic equipment from failures and malfunctions related to voltage fluctuations and electromagnetic disturbances.